Personalized Medications Compounded in Folsom

by | Sep 21, 2013 | Health

Medicines are created to treat as many people as possible. Drug manufacturers produce the size and pick ingredients based on the largest part of the population. With this method many people will be able to take the same pill. The problem arises for the people that are unable to take that one size fits most pill. These people may be lighter or heavier than the average person, and may need more or less of the medicine. Another issue arises for people who are allergic to the ingredients in the medicines. Thankfully there are pharmacies offering Compounded in Folsom medications so that everyone can get the prescriptions that they need.

An example of a place that creates these unique and personalized medications is Grandpa’s Compounding Pharmacy. In the old days most medications were made up on the spot for the person who needed them. They can take the prescription and custom make the medication. For people who cannot swallow pills they can make the medication in liquid form. For people allergic to certain ingredients they can leave those out or make substitutions.

Lots of medicines on the market have coloring products in them. A growing number of people are avoiding dyes and food coloring at all costs. Some people may be allergic to them and some may notice hyperactivity after ingesting them. A compounding pharmacy is accustomed to creating medicines without the added color. Many of the popular children’s medicines have red, purple, yellow, blue, orange, or even a mixture of dyes. This pharmacy makes the medication that the child needs and leaves out the ingredient that causes a negative reaction when consumed by the child.

Another way that this type of pharmacy can help is with medicines that are currently sold out or unavailable at other places. They may have them in stock or be able to get them quickly. Sometimes they can make the needed medicines. Speak with a pharmacist to see if your medicine is in stock, if it can be ordered, or if perhaps the pharmacy has the ingredients on hand and can make it personally for you.




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