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Exotic pets like birds can require special medical care to keep them healthy and happy. A veterinarian & nbsp; facility like The Animal Hospital of Nesbit Ferry Crossing understands that bird-owners love and cherish their feathered friends. They want all of their clients to be aware of how to give their birds the best possible care.

Your Initial Appointment

When you acquire a bird it is important to have it examined within the first three days of ownership. This is necessary because it is not always easy to spot an illness in birds until it has become severe. Animal breeds which are accustomed to life in the wild are able to camouflage their illnesses as a means of survival, because weakness will make them a target for predators. The first exam will check the weight, heart and respiratory systems of your bird as well as much more. Diagnostic blood tests are also often suggested.

Have Annual Exams

Just like with a dog or cat, yearly wellness exams are the most important step you can take to keeping your bird healthy. A physical exam as well as regular health screenings are the best way to spot small problems before they can become difficult to manage. Both health and behavioural issues will be addressed and your vet will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Signs of Injury or Illness

Your bird should see their vet whenever they are showing specific signs of illness or distress. Some of these include discharge from the eyes or beak, bleeding of any kind and listlessness. Any loss of weight or change in bathroom habits is also potentially concerning issues.

At-home Reminders

Always remember that the health of your pet is not solely reliant upon the veterinarian. The care you provide for them is equally as important. A good diet including a high-quality mixture of seeds, fresh vegetables and pellets is mandatory. Avoid sweets or overfeeding of high-fat foods like peanuts. Bathe your bird regularly, keep their wings and nails clipped and make certain they have plenty of space and toys to keep them entertained.
A facility like The Animal Hospital of Nesbit Ferry Crossing provides caring medical services to birds as well as many other types of domestic pets. If you have any questions or concerns about any of the animals in your care, they are available to help. For more information Click Here.

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