Postpartum Home Care in Marble Falls from a Birthing Center

Postpartum home care in Marble Falls is just a visit away. From midwife services to home births, and all other birthing options, you will find that a birthing center such as Hill Country Birth & Wellness is for you. If it is your first baby or your fifth, it is never too late to give yourself the experience that you have always wanted.

Why Care Doesn’t End at Birth

Care doesn’t end at birth. Six weeks of services are offered as well as screenings after a child is born. Beyond that, there are chiropractic care and lactation specialists, as well as other types of support that can be called on postpartum.

Postpartum Services

If you used a monitrice, doula, midwife, or any of the care specialists available, there is a whole host of postpartum home care in Marble Falls. The postpartum period, or after birth, is just as important as prenatal care. After your birth, your caregiver will return 24 to 48 hours later to check on you and your new family.

They offer breastfeeding support, perform routine newborn assessments and testing, and address any concerns that you may have. The next visit will be on day 5 if needed and the last will take place up to six weeks later. It doesn’t matter which services or what kind of provider you have chosen; the time they take with their birth families is above anything that you may experience elsewhere.

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