Procedures A Cosmetic Surgeon In Aurora IL Can Perform

While most people have heard of elective surgery in Aurora IL, they may not understand what procedures a cosmetic surgeon can do. Even if you know of a few, you will likely not know about everything available. Typical areas include the face, breasts and body and the procedures are countless.


The face is where the ravages of time seem to fall more heavily, though there are many procedures available to reduce the look of wrinkles, lines and other problems. Typical procedures include facelifts, eye or brow lifts, nose surgery, neck lifts, chin or cheek implants, ear procedures, laser skin resurfacing, Botox and other fillers, Ultherapy and ThermiAesthetics.

Most of the procedures are self-explanatory, but for those who don’t know Ultherapy is an ultrasound treatment that can counteract the effects of gravity and time. It can gently lift the sagging areas of the skin without the use of fillers or other invasive procedures. ThermiAesthetics is a radiofrequency procedure used to tighten the face, neck and body skin, as it stimulates your body to produce more collagen.


Whether you want to increase or reduce the size of your breasts, or simply want to lift them so they appear perky and youthful, a cosmetic surgeon in Aurora IL can help. There are many reasons to be unhappy with your breasts, but elective surgery can help. You will feel more confident and happier with your body. Whether you have physical problems because of their size or wish you could have a sexier contour, you can have it.


For most people, the troublesome areas are the body, such as the stomach and arms. A tummy tuck can pull the skin tighter, making you appear more lean and younger. It doesn’t remove fat from the body, but will give the appearance of weight loss.

For those that have a little extra fat anywhere in their body, liposuction can work wonders and will remove that fat so you look leaner. However, it does not promote weight loss, so you’ll need to continue proper exercise routines and diet. For those that dislike the liposuction treatment, there is a CoolSculpting treatment that freezes the fat away.

For those that sweat uncontrollably or sweat too much, hyperhidrosis treatments are available to reduce the amount of sweat you produce.Go to the site for more information.

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