Reasons Behind Depression and Depression Cure

by | Oct 22, 2012 | Health

There is not a single reason, as many factors cause depression, which can be either mild, or severe. Both the types need different treatments, but depression cure if done at the early stage it can protect the patient from a miserable life, which may happen in case of bad depression. Some of the reasons are given below, which have been found after research and doctors’ experiences with various patients.

Losing someone close, or a business loss. Though it seems a temporary type, but if the patient becomes unable to cope with it, and stops participating in daily activities, it’s a sign of depression.

If a relationship does not work:

It may include a relationship with husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, business fellow and so on. When it reaches to high extent, and a person does not find any way to solve the issue, it may lead to depression, which becomes chronic if not cured.

Abuse of any kind: It can be physical, emotional, or sexual, and sometimes it may have the roots to a childhood, turning to depression.

Drugs: There are some medicines, which can cause depression like beta-blockers, and reserpine.Why do I need to register or sign in for WebMD to save?
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Inherited: Sometimes, it’s genetic, like if it’s in your family, there are chances of getting this disease. Moreover, in this case cousin marriage should be avoided.

Various incidents: They include a divorce, a failure, moving to another city or country, and losing a steady income, or a job.

Some kind of chronic illness: This may happen when a disease cannot be cured and you have to take drugs for whole life.

Biological reasons: According to the experts, everybody has a different brain, which reacts to situations in various ways. Those who had it in the past contain low amounts of serotonin, which is a chemical that keeps people happy and energetic. It’s also found that hippocampus (a brain part) has a small size in such patients than other people. Some experts say that people are born with small hippocampus; hence they are depressed even in their childhood. Such patients have high level of stress hormones. On the other hand some people find it unbelievable, and say that there is always a psychological reason behind depression.

Whatever is the reason, depression can be cured once it is diagnosed, whereas the treatment involves both drugs, and therapies. A psychiatrist is required to rule out the disease, and once it is done therapies are arranged at the clinic. This is especially helpful to those, who have been the victim of child abuse, as only a doctor can get things out of mind, knowing what happened to the patient. Similarly, if its marriage related, counselors are available for couples, which helps a lot to understand the main issue. Many marriages have been saved after getting counseling, and same is true about other relationships. The results depend on the patient, how open he or she is to the psychiatrist, as if a patient hides something, it would be difficult to find the reason behind depression; hence no depressions cure.




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