Residential Treatment California: Timely Solution to a Pressing Problem

by | Jul 23, 2012 | Healthcare

Statistics on drug and substance abuse in the US are worrying. According to a Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) survey in 2010, over 4.5 emergency room visits were drug related. The New York Times in its own survey indicated that 2.5% of US residents have tried cocaine in their lifetime while National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) reported in 2010 that over 10.5 million people have driven under the influence of illegal drugs. As a parent, such data must be shocking and the most affected are the youth. If you have a loved one going through this problem, it is time you learned about residential treatment California facilities.

Treatment is essential because of the overwhelming consequences teens can face. The mental, physical, and judicial consequences of substance abuse can damage your child’s opportunities in the future. By putting an end to spiral of drug abuse your child can have the opportunity to grow into a successful young adult before the problem escalates and damages his/her future. Residential Treatment California centers provide support for both teens and families to ensure the best level of care is presented to maintain the best level of success.

A residential program is unlike any other rehab option because it seeks to remove the resident from any close contact with vices during the treatment period. In addition, the treatment option not only seeks to tackle the drug problem but also expose the child to another perspective to life; sobriety.

At a residential treatment California program, teenagers are able to meet others who are undergoing treatment and who have managed to kick these habits and still enjoy life. When possibilities are laid before them, they will quickly grab them because their minds are cleared off the effects of drugs through continued treatment.

Another important aspect of a residential treatment program is the fact that it also emphasizes the importance of academics in life. As such, some of these facilities, including Vista Academy are affiliated with established colleges and high school where your child can earn credits and even graduate  during the treatment period. Such services give the kids a new sense of importance and a new outlook at life by arming them with survival skills. More importantly, residents also undergo physical treatment and therapies, life skill coaching, nutritional health among other important skills. Simply put, a residential treatment California program will open a windowof opportunities for your loved one.

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