Responsible Pet Owners Spay and Neuter Their Pets in Lenexa, KS

by | Oct 10, 2013 | Veterinarian & Pet Hospitals

Pounds, Rescues and No Kill Shelters are full to capacity with unwanted and unloved pets. An estimated 6 -; 8 million pets can be housed in shelters annually. Approximately 4 million of those pets are euthanized in the United States each year. The process of spaying and neutering a pet, however, is simple, fairly inexpensive, saves on unwanted litters and is the responsible thing to do. Preventing unwanted litters can reduce the number of pets in shelters waiting to be adopted or euthanized.

In America, there are approximately 10,000 dogs and cats put to sleep daily. The main reason is not because the pet is old, diseased or dangerous; it’s because they were unwanted or unexpected. Everyone thinks pets are adorable when kittens and puppies are born, but looking into the future for these animals, it is often a short life. Entire litters are dropped off at shelters, but the cost to do health checks and provide food, immunizations and care is not free. It comes not at a price to the owner passing the animals on, but to the shelter that ultimately would like to adopt the pet into a happy family. Therefore, it is strongly encouraged that you Spay and Neuter Lenexa KS.

If you are currently a pet owner or a pet is in your future, it is important to investigate the cost of having a pet neutered or spayed. Depending on the size, age and animal type, the price for spaying and neutering varies. Looking into good vet care is as important as having a good physician for yourself.

Permanent birth control for your pet can save on a number of health related issues. It can be due to poor or frequent breeding, the spread of disease, unwanted visitors to your yard, or escapes by your pet. Taking detail can make pet ownership much more pleasant.

If you have a pet or are considering one, the decision to Spay and Neuter Lenexa KS as an important part of pet ownership. Shelters are filled to capacity. More than half the animals that enter a shelter do not come out alive. Spaying and neutering your pet is inexpensive and responsible and can have numerous health benefits for your pet.

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