Schedule an Annual Skin Screening at a Dermatologist in St. Paul, MN.

by | Feb 27, 2014 | Health

As a teen-aged sun worshipper, you spent the days of your summer vacations working on the perfect tan. Hours were spent in the sun covered in baby oil and iodine. You were soaking up the rays during the day and on many evenings were applying cooling treatments to your burned skin. A good tan was a sign of health and youth. Sunscreen was usually applied after you had fried your skin and the blisters were peeling.

Now, here you are years later, and the signs of sun damage are beginning to show. Brown age spots, crows feet and spidery wrinkles are showing up in the mirror. Your mom and dad have been going to the Dermatologist in St. Paul, MN to have early spots of skin cancer treated. If you have not been to a dermatologist for a screening yourself, now is the time to schedule your appointment.

The dangers of unprotected sun exposure are in the news every day. It was once thought that if you had a base tan, you wouldn’t burn as badly and the damage would be nominal. Modern medicine has proven that to be wrong. Another myth was that only the people who had suffered severe burns were at risk for skin cancer. Recent studies have shown that it only takes one serious burn to elevate your risk of skin cancer dramatically

As a result sun screen is showing up in every product imaginable. It is in lotions, cosmetics and there is even UV blocking clothing available. It is also recommended that just like your annual physical, you schedule an annual exam with a Dermatologist in St. Paul, MN to have your skin examined from head to toe. They will be able to see areas of your skin that are difficult for self examination. With regularly scheduled visits to the dermatologist they can detect the early warning signs of potential problems.

During your visit with a Dermatologist in St. Paul, MN they will discuss your medical history as well as that of your family. They will want to know what your sun exposure habits were and what you are doing now to protect your skin. As you age, your skin changes in density, texture and appearance. During this visit you can also discuss your concerns about wrinkles, rosacea, broken veins and any other concerns you may have. At website you will find an experienced dermatologist waiting to see you.


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