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Schizophrenia is a complex mental illness that makes it difficult to think logically, have normal emotional responses, behave normally in social situations and distinguish between real and unreal experiences. Schizophrenia can affect both men and women and normally begins in the teenage or young adulthood years. While mental health experts are not exactly sure what causes schizophrenia, there are treatment options. Schizophrenia treatment in Houston TX can take on a variety of shapes and forms.

The first step in schizophrenia treatment in Houston TX is diagnosis. There is no specific medical test used in diagnosing this condition. Although, CT or MRI scans of the brain may be used to rule out other conditions. A thorough interview of the patient often helps to diagnose this condition. Doctors will look at how long a patient has had symptoms, how the person’s ability to function has changed, developmental background, genetic history, family history and if mediations have been helpful in treating the condition.

When you are experiencing an episode of schizophrenia, you may need to be hospitalized. This is for the safety of yourself and those around you.  Otherwise, schizophrenia can be treated on an outpatient basis.

One treatment includes medication. Antipsychotic medications are the most commonly prescribed medication for this condition. They can help to change the balance of the chemicals in your brain, which can help control symptoms. It is important to note that there are side effects to these drugs; sleepiness, weight gain, dizziness, increased chance of diabetes and high cholesterol, restlessness and slowed movements. Schizophrenia is a lifelong illness that will require constant medication.

Other treatment options include support programs and therapies. Supportive therapy can help those with schizophrenia to function in the working world. Participants may learn behavioral techniques, job training, social skills and how to properly go about building relations. Family members of patients with schizophrenia should also be educated on the condition and offered support.

The outlook for those with schizophrenia can be very difficult to predict. A majority of the time, medications can help to improve symptoms. However, others may have difficulty functions and be at risk for repeat episodes; especially early on in their diagnosis. For some with schizophrenia, they may be able to function normally and hold jobs. Others may require group homes to maintain structure in their life.

It is very important to note that without proper usage of medication, the symptoms of schizophrenia are very likely to return.

In addition to the above mentioned problems and treatments, many have found solace through dependence upon God under the direction of biblically based counsel. Often immediate respite is found and sometimes gradual transformation of behavior is achieved for many individual through the reception of strength derived through faith placed in the delivering power of Christ living in the individual.

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