Seek Help From an Allergy Doctor in Elizabethtown, KY When Symptoms Continue Nearly All the Time

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Health

Hay fever is very common, affecting a large number of people at various times of the year. Some have relatively minor symptoms that feel like a mere annoyance. Others suffer from symptoms that feel like a very bad cold, with coughing, sneezing, a stuffy or a runny nose, and occasional wheezing. People who deal with allergy symptoms that significantly reduce their quality of life may want to make an appointment with an Allergy Doctor in Elizabethtown KY.

Avoiding Medication Side Effects

These individuals have probably already tried over-the-counter medications and aren’t satisfied with the results. Antihistamines make them sleepy. Decongestants make them feel jittery. They wonder whether an Allergy Doctor in Elizabethtown KY may be able to prescribe medicine that doesn’t have these unpleasant side effects.

Prescription Treatments

Prescription nasal spray can relieve hay fever symptoms without side effects. The doctor may also prescribe an asthma medication to take daily that does not cause side effects for most users. Allergy shots are useful for many patients as well. These injections, administered on a schedule, gradually desensitize the immune system to the harmless allergen that it currently reacts to as a danger.

Allergy shots aren’t a quick fix, but they can be very effective. The patient should expect to receive an injection every week for about six months and then once a month for the next year or two.

Asthma Symptoms

Especially if someone has developed chronic asthma symptoms, it’s important to seek attention from an allergy and asthma specialist such as C. Steven Smith, M.D. Many people develop asthma as adults and don’t even realize they have the condition. They’ve become accustomed to nighttime wheezing and occasional shortness of breath, but those symptoms are not normal. Learn more about Dr. Smith at the website.

Chronic Hay Fever

Seeing an allergist also is advisable for people whose symptoms never seem to really go away. They wind up taking over-the-counter drugs much of the year just to breathe normally and help them feel better. At certain times of the year, they have so much congestion and coughing that it disrupts their sleep even when they take medicine.

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