Should You Get Shellac Nails in Millard, NE?

Today, when going in for a manicure, you have lots of different options to choose from. While a traditional manicure cleans up the cuticles and adds a fresh coat of polish, there are other services that can add to the aesthetics of your nails. shellac nails in Milard NE are a popular choice for women looking for something a little more than nice looking hands and nails.

Shellac Nails in Millard NE are about more than just a great polish. The products used last for an extended amount of time. For most women the color lasts between fourteen days to twenty eight days. However at around two weeks, most come in to have more polish added because the nail growth begins to show. Either way, shellac nails save a lot of time and create a lasting look. But are shellac nails right for you?

How healthy are your hands? Great shellac nails start with healthy hands and nails. Issues with nail beds can reduce the effects of the shellac and end up decreasing the amount of time that the shellac manicure lasts. The use of cuticle oil on the nails is a necessity before the process and consistently once you get home.

Do you have the ability to come in for new polish every two weeks? Imagine how much time is spent at home applying and reapplying nail polish because it just doesn’t last. For many women, coming in every two weeks to hair their nails updated is a real time saver!

Can you avoid certain chemicals or cleaners? Shellac nails don’t take well to being in close proximity to certain cleaners or even things like tanning oils. These products can compromise the look of the nails. If you can’t avoid these things, consider wearing gloves to protect your nails. (This is also a great way to protect your hands and skin too!)

If you’re looking to add length to your nails, shellac nails may not be an ideal choice. While they look great, the shellac goes on top of your current nails. If you already have nails of an ideal length, then this is a great treatment option that will enhance your current look.

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