Signs to Look For if You Think That You Have Sprained Your Ankle

After walking, running, or performing other physical activities that involve your feet, you could sprain your ankle if it turns the wrong way. The following are only a few signs that you could have a sprain so that you can make a decision as to whether or not you should seek medical treatment.


Soon after you sprain your ankle, you could notice that it begins to swell. When you visit a doctor for a sprained ankle in Bolingbrook, you want to give details about the area you noticed this issue first as it could be on the sides or on top of your foot.


Another sign that there could be something wrong with your ankle would be pain that is felt soon after the sprain occurs. When consulting a doctor about a sprained ankle in Bolingbrook, you want to point out the areas that hurt and those that don’t as there are various ligaments and tendons that could be impacted and treated in different ways. You also want to let the doctor know if there’s anything that relieves the pain or makes it worse.


While walking on the foot and ankle that you sprained, you might notice that you don’t have the stability that you once had. This could be an indication that there is a small tear or that there is an issue with the bone in the ankle. You want to try to rest your ankle as much as possible so that no further damage is done until you’re able to get medical treatment.

Contact Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates for more information about signs that could indicate that your ankle is sprained.

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