Signs Your Dog Needs to See the Veterinarian in Honolulu

If you are a dog owner, you know the full responsibility it takes to care for your special friend and keep him or her healthy. Unfortunately, there are many illnesses your dog can suffer with, so it is important you are proactive and seek care from the Veterinarian Honolulu if you notice any signs of problems. Through this information, you will know what to look for, so you will know when your dog needs care.

* One of the first signs you will notice when there is a health concern with your dog is changes in eating habits. If your dog normally eats well and stops eating, this should never be ignored. It is also important to contact the Veterinarian Honolulu if your dog begins eating more than normal. Changes in eating habits can signal many different health concerns and should never be overlooked. Some eating changes can signal serious health concerns.

* Changes in bowel habits should also be monitored and reported to the Veterinarian Honolulu. If your dog becomes constipated or develops diarrhea, these can both be signs of problems. You need to monitor your dog’s bowel movements for signs of parasites, as these can be dangerous to his or her health. In the case of diarrhea, special consideration is important, as dehydration can set in quickly.

* Behavioral changes should also be considered signs of health concerns. If your normally friendly dog becomes easily agitated or even aggressive, it is best for you to go in for a checkup with the Veterinarian Honolulu.

* Weight gain or loss should also be monitored closely. If your dog suddenly begins to lose weight or gain, it is important for you to find the reason. Weight gain and loss can sometimes be caused by intestinal upsets. Your veterinarian will be able to monitor your dog’s health and find the cause of the weight issues, so they can be treated.

By monitoring your dog’s health, you can help to ensure they will be around to provide you with love and companionship for many years to come. Call your veterinarian at the first sign of illness and keep your dog healthy.

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