Spine Surgery in The Villages for Balloon Kyphoplasty

by | Jun 26, 2012 | Healthcare

Among many other spinal treatments there is another known as balloon kyphoplasty, which is done during the conditions caused by a cancer, osteoporosis, or some kind of tumors. There are many hospitals having trained surgeons in The Villages to perform a spine surgery. They can also do balloon kyphoplasty very well. During the osteoporosis which is a very common disease in aged people, the bones get weak and small accidents can cause a fracture.

In this situation the balloon kyphoplasty method is required. According to a research every year 1.5 million fractures occur due to this disease of which 700,000 happen in the spine. Looking at the seriousness of this issue, every year we see new developments in medical sciences, and spine surgery is one of them. The development is so big in terms of surgery techniques, surgical equipments, medicines and various therapies.

Though traditional ways are also followed but with new developments, and all together they can recover the disease. Some cancers which may cause a fracture in the spine include lung, breast, and prostate cancer, which weaken the bones. Sometimes, the fractures are multiple which change the entire spinal shape, so surgery is essential in that case. Sometimes a hump also occurs due to the disease.

The Process

This is a surgical process in which fractures in the spine are recovered to get relieved of pain and for a better movement. This surgery needs at least an hour for one fracture, thereby including general or local anesthesia. The doctor is a better judge to see which is better for a patient. First of all a one cm long incision is done, then using both cannula and a needle a path is made into the fractured part. After this a balloon is inserted into the vertebra through the tube, and it is done on two sides of the vertebra.

Then with great care, the balloon is inflated so that the collapsed vertebra is raised in its old form. But, when the vertebra recovers its shape the balloon is removed after a deflation. The cavity which was made to insert a balloon is then filled in with bone cement, which strengthens the bone. This is not a very complicated process, as an overnight stay is enough for the patient at the hospital. But, finally it depends on the patient’s condition, and while still at the hospital the patient is advised to walk.

Though the exercises are advised, but still the patient has to see the doctor a few times after the surgery. In case the doctor asks for some limitations, the patient should seriously follow them. Various patients have reported that after this surgery the pain removes quickly. Though, risks involved in this surgery are less, but chances are there, and they include a heart attack, a stroke or embolism in which blood goes to heart or lungs, and a nerve damage, which can cause a paralysis, but it is rare. So, you should choose a doctor with some care, so that risks are less.



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