Testosterone Replacement Therapy – Get Your Edge Back

by | Aug 14, 2012 | Healthcare

Men who suffer from low testosterone are often more likely to be depressed and not really know why. Since men are statistically less likely to seek counseling for emotional problems than women, a typical guy may go for years feeling increasingly sad, disappointed, and lacking energy or drive. In  classic Jungian psychology, the libido is not only the part of the human psyche that initiates sexual drive and virility, but it is the source of energy and vitality that animates the whole psyche, both mind and body.

Carl Jung may have been on to something, but whether or not there is a connection between the libido as defined by Jung and testosterone seems obvious. Testosterone is a hormone that regulates many bodily functions in men, including sexual desire, virility, energy, and mood. In some sense, it is the physical component of the human body, possibly the counterpart to Jung’s libido, which animates and energizes.

When a man has a low t-count, he may not know it; he just knows the impact it has on him physically and psychologically. He may be tired all the time and unable to rest well even if he sleeps well. Or, he may suffer from insomnia and not be able to sleep. His mind may become a muddle, a bit forgetful, while his muscle strength deteriorates. You may find him in a grumpy mood, irritable, and often hard to be around. Physically, his hair may be thinning out, his eyesight going, his stomach beginning to protrude, his cholesterol climbing, his sexual appetite diminishing, and you may think, “Oh, he’s just getting old.”

In fact, testosterone production starts to decrease when most men are really fairly young by modern standard – right around age 25 for some, 30 for others. The good news is that through Advance HRT MD LCC, a physician company, men who are suffering these symptoms can find a way to get their edge back, be reinvigorated with newfound energy, and add years to their lives that they have obviously been missing.

Advance HRT MD provides testosterone therapy, usually through prescribed injections, for men who are diagnosed with having low testosterone levels. Numerous men have reported outstanding results, including newfound libido, both in the Jungian and sexual sense, energy, vitality, muscle strength and mass, improved vision and more. For many men, it is like a cosmic clock has been rewound and they are living 15 years in the past, rejuvenated and reinvigorated, and ready to take on life again.

Testosterone replacement therapy helps to improve your overall health and vitality. The doctors and physicians at Advance HRT MD LLC provides testosterone therapy, usually through prescribed injections, for men who are diagnosed with having low testosterone levels.


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