The benefits of Platelet Rich Plasma for hair loss

With a wide array of choices when it comes to hair loss treatment, what makes Platelet Rich Plasma therapy for hair loss or PRP stand out? Why do some people opt for this procedure than other methods? It all boils down to what the procedure can do for you. How invasive it is, how long is the recovery period, and other questions. Let’s explore some the benefits that one can gain from Platelet Rich Plasma therapy.  


Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is all natural since it takes your plasma and injects it back to the affected area. Thus, it is considered a natural remedy. No foreign body or chemicals is every given during the procedure. The method is reintroducing your plasma to the area that needs it most.  


Since it uses one’s plasma, there is no allergic reaction or any risk of rejection, which usually happens during implantation. Reintroduction through injection is also safe as long as the person doing the procedure follow proper sterilization techniques.  


When undergoing PRP, recovery is fast, and no downtime is needed. You can go about your daily routine.  

Minimal Discomfort  

The only discomfort that the patient will encounter is during the injection of plasma to the affected area. Though the pain is only very minimal since it does not involve any surgery. It is like getting a simple blood work from your doctor.  


No matter how safe on treatment is, if it’s not effective, there is no point in going through it. Fortunately, PRP is effective. Visible results will be observed 2 to 3 months after the procedure.  

Plasma Rich Plasma therapy for hair loss is one of the best therapy in the market. Find the right company with properly-trained staff to execute the procedure. Meditresse is one of the best in the Boston area for hair loss treatment.

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