The Best Veterinary Clinic in Phoenix Is Right At Home with Your Pet

by | Mar 28, 2013 | Medical Equipment

Have you ever day dreamed that the whole taking your pet to the vet thing could be a whole lot better? Yes, you probably did as you wrestled with your four legged best friend as he of course freaked out at the sanitized smell, the loud, alarming noises, and the terrors or curiosities of other animals. But you have to get the proper health care for your cat, dog, or other pet, right? Well, the best veterinary clinic in Phoenix busts into pieces this tired old model of going to the vet. The finest veterinary clinic in Phoenix actually comes to you. That’s right—the finest veterinary clinic in Phoenix is mobile.

That mobility means a new array of options for you and your animals. Instead of putting them and yourself through the stresses of going to the vet, you can enjoy the comfort and assurance of top-quality vet care coming to your residence, where your pet is truly at home. Yes, vets have been mobile since long before the writing of James Heriot’s All Creatures Great and Small. But what separates the best mobile veterinary clinic in Phoenix from just any vet who drives up to your door is that this veterinary clinic brings to your door not just the vet but a complete ability to care for your pet’s needs.

The right mobile veterinary clinic in Phoenix for your needs is proud to staff its pet hospitals on wheels with an experienced vet and a trained nurse technician, who, together, give your pet the one on one attention she deserves. And these skilled professionals arrive armed with the most cutting-edge veterinary technology, equipment, supplies, and medicines. It really is a mobile surgical hospital, enabling your mobile veterinary clinic in Phoenix to offer spaying, neutering, declawing, extractions, and other procedures right at your door.

Even better, as your pet gets older and is less and less likely to weather well the frequent trips to the pet hospital that geriatric care may require, you can take some of the stress and wear and tear out of the experience by letting your mobile veterinary clinic in Phoenix take care of your elderly friend’s needs in the home that pet is accustomed to, with all its familiar sights, smells, and sounds. And if your pet has reached that stage where you may have to consider euthanasia, being able to be with your pet in those final moments, surrounded by the comforts of home is something irreplaceable. For all kinds of care, the best veterinary clinic in Phoenix is your world-class mobile veterinary clinic in Phoenix.

The best-equipped veterinary clinic In Phoenix is the one that drives up to your home! Aaron’s Ark ( makes mobile veterinary house calls in Phoenix, North Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Arcadia, Arrowhead, Biltmore, and South Carefree, and Cave Creek. Letting your pet to be at home right after dentistry and surgery via our state-of-the-art anesthesia, we are fully licensed and equipped to handle examinations, diagnostic procedures, minor surgery, X-rays, and dentistry on site. We also boast two well-equipped veterinary hospital-based facilities for major surgery and hospitalization. Call us today to book a house call at 602.510.9596 (west of Cave Creek Rd.) or 480.510.1000 (east of Cave Creek Rd.).


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