The Ins and Outs of Spinal Surgery

by | May 7, 2013 | Health

When a person has persistent back pain, they may begin to wonder if back or spinal surgery may be an option to explore. After taking other steps necessary to alleviate back pain, such as using anti-inflammatory medications, icing and heating regiments, massage therapy or massage therapy, if back pain still persists, it may be time to consider spinal surgery.

If a person lives in the Montgomery area, he or she should consider talking to a spinal surgeon to see if surgery is needed. Spinal Surgery Montgomery doctors have many different options they can offer their patients. These doctors will talk to patient about the following reasons for needing surgery:

1.     A condition that compresses the spinal nerves causing pain in the lower back or numbness in the legs.

2.     A possible ruptured or herniated disk.

3.     A fractured vertebra due to an accident or due to osteoporosis.

4.     If a person has scoliosis.

5.     If a person has a degenerative disk disorder.

After talking to a spinal surgeon, the best option will be decided upon by based on the needs of the patient and what doctor recommends. Spinal Surgery types depend on what needs to take place. Spinal Surgery Montgomery doctors will share the following the information with a patient when deciding what type of treatment is needed.

There are three common types of traditional back surgery options that will be discussed: diskectomy, fusion, and vertrebroplasty.

A diskectomy is the removal of herniated part of the disk. This allows for the pain relief of the nerves and for the decrease of nerve inflammation in the back. Fusion is where two of bones in the back are permanently connected. This aids in adding stability to the back or eliminating pain in a degenerated or injured disk. Finally, the most common type of traditional back surgery is vertrebroplasty. This type of surgery consists of injecting bone cement into a compressed vertebrae stabilize a fracture and relieve pain.

When a person is suffering from back pain, it is important to talk to a doctor to know what options are available. Spinal Surgery Montgomery doctors can explain the options to take to treat the condition a person’s back is suffering from.



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