The Most Common Causes Of Back Pain And How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Many people who experience body pain find relief through chiropractic care. Chiropractors in Fort Collins CO are specially trained to identify when and where individual vertebrae in the spine are out of place. After pinpointing which areas are misaligned, they manually make adjustments that shift the vertebrae back into their proper places. Even when there is no misalignment, degenerative diseases, accidents, and other problems can cause pain that a chiropractor is able to address through various adjustments. One of the most common complaints they get from patients is about Back Pain.

Here are the most common causes of back pain:

  • Most back pain is caused by muscles pulled during everyday activities. This is particularly true for people who are not especially active in their daily lives. They may be playing with their children, doing some yard work, or taking out the trash and suddenly pull a muscle that causes ongoing back pain.
  • Another common cause is a work-related injury. People who have physically demanding jobs where they stand for long periods of time and lift heavy objects are at risk for back injuries. Those who work desk jobs and sit for hours on end can also experience strained backs due to poor posture.
  • As people age, or due to genetics, they may suffer from arthritis, which is a permanent, degenerative disease that affects the joints. This can cause a very painful stiff back and trouble with mobility. Though medications are often needed to relieve some of the pain associated with this condition, chiropractic care can also have a significant impact and reduce the amount of medication needed.
  • While not as common, people who have been in traumatic accidents such as car collisions or extreme athletic injuries can also suffer back pain. This is usually the result of the body undergoing a violent, jerking motion. Some people in these situations will need ongoing care and other medical attention such as medication, surgery, or rehabilitative therapy.

Most Back Pain can be resolved with a few adjustments, rest, and by slowly getting more exercise and aiming for a healthier lifestyle. Some people in Fort Collins CO choose to have ongoing chiropractic treatment to ensure that their backs stay in proper alignment while others prefer to have adjustments only when necessary. When visiting Heart & Hand Chiropractic in Fort Collins CO, patients should outline specific goals and needs with the chiropractor so that a chiropractic care plan that works best for them can be developed.

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