The Unknown Benefits of Massage Therapy

When most of us think about massage therapy, we think about relaxation. We think about having our sore muscles eased, and our minds brought to a peaceful state. But did you know that there are a number of other health benefits that come with receiving a massage?

Improving Your Body’s Circulation

We live in a culture where most of us spend the majority of the day sitting on a chair or lounging on the couch. Because of this; many individuals are suffering from poor circulation.

This is where massage therapy can help. When one receives a massage, they are increasing their blood flow and sending that nourishing nutrient-dense blood to your muscles and your skin. When your circulation is improved, you are able to enjoy a number of other benefits including:

* An expedited recovery after a workout

* A reduced chance of suffering from varicose veins

* Smoother skin which reduces the appearance of cellulite

* Lower blood pressure

Increasing Your Flexibility

With more nutrients being delivered to your muscles and joints, many of those who enjoy massages regularly have found that they have become more flexible. This is particularly important for those who are growing older or who partake in sports. This is because an increase in flexibility means an increased ability to recovery from injury.

Enhancing Your Immunity

Recent studies have revealed that massage therapy actually has the ability to enhance one’s immunity. Through massage, the number of white blood cells within the body increases. With a better functioning immune system, individuals are better able to stave off potential illness and disease while also being able to fight against any current ailments they may be suffering from.

Bettering Your Mood

There is a reason why friends and family members often suggest that those who may be feeling low treat themselves to a massage. Massage has actually been proven to help alleviate any negative emotions one may be suffering from, such as anxiety and depression. This is because a massage will reduce the levels of cortisol in your body (a stress hormone) while also increasing your levels of dopamine and serotonin. This rebalances the mind and stabilizes your mood.

* Some who regularly attend massage sessions find that their dependence on many if not all medications decreases or is completely eliminated. This is particularly true for those who suffer from high blood pressure, insomnia, and chemical imbalance problems.

Energizing Your Life

Our bodies need some downtime every now and then. Given how a massage can improve your mood as well as deliver both mental and physical relaxation, it is not too surprising that individuals who receive a massage regularly from the Lifetime Family Wellness Center find themselves more invigorated and more energized than they have been in years. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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