Tips for Finding Low Cost IVF Treatment

by | May 9, 2014 | Health

Many couples in Texas who would wish to have IVF are always prevented from doing so due to the prohibitive cost of the treatment. IVF is indeed a very expensive procedure and requires adequate financial preparation before one can commence on it. But there is still a ray of hope for such couple because there are a number of means which they can use to get free or low cost IVF treatment. Some of the tips are listed below.

Research Trials

There are a number of clinics that receive funding from the Federal government for the purposes of conducting research on IVF. If you find that IVF cost in San Antonio, TX is too expensive, then search online for such clinics to find if you can qualify in any one of them. Ones you get such a clinic, check it out and confirm that it has a good reputation and its facilities are also good. You may be lucky to pay very little money or get the service absolutely for free if you qualify.

Shared IVF cycles

In this case, two women will undergo the first part of the process together then one woman will donate her eggs to the other woman who is unable to have her own eggs. The woman who donates her eggs is then given some nice discounts by the responsible clinic. This can be reduce the cost of the IVF treatment if you are lucky to find a clinic that conducts shared IVF clinics hence you avoid the high IVF cost in San Antonio, TX.

Explore the possibility of a Mini IVF

A mini IVF would help in lowering down IVF cost in San Antonio, TX. There is actually no major difference between the two only that in Mini IVF the first thing to take place is the hormone and drug regimen.

Also in mini IVF, the stimulation of the ovary requires just a few drugs. Other than these two differences, everything remains the same as in traditional IVF treatment. A Mini IVF would cost almost a quarter of the total cost of the traditional IVF per cycle. You can therefore save a lot without much variation in the final results.

Use your Medical Insurance Plan

Texas is one of the states that require insurance companies to have IVF incorporated in their medical schemes. You can therefore check to see the extent to which your medical insurance plan can offer you in terms of covering IVF cost in San Antonio, TX. If you are not sure, you can ask your insurance providers or alternatively you can visit where you will get additional information regarding the cost of fertility treatment.



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