Trigger Point Injections Are Significant to Joint/Muscle Pain Relief

If you suffer from extremely tight and painful muscles that fail to relax or have “knots” in your muscles, then a trigger point injection may be the ideal solution for you. When you can actually feel the knot or it spasms and twitches periodically, then you are probably ready to find some kind of relief. Trigger point injections are used to treat various muscle groups specifically those in the neck, lower back, legs and arms. In addition, this kind of injection also can be used to treat tension headaches and fibromyalgia. Basically, trigger point injections are significant to joint/muscle pain relief. If you are looking for trigger point injections in Riverhead, look no further than a well-reputed pain clinic such as Total Medical Sports & Rehab for their modern medicine treatments.

What Can You Expect from a Trigger Point Procedure?

When consulting with a healthcare professional they will inform you of what you can expect during your trigger point injection procedure. The targeted area will be cleaned and a small thin needle will be injected into the targeted area. The medications inserted may be combined of an anesthetic and an anti-inflammatory. These medications will relieve your pain and decrease any inflammation. The whole procedure only takes just a few minutes and discomfort is rarely felt. Lasting pain relief from a trigger point injection is frequently reached with a brief course of treatment.

When Is a Trigger Point Injection Used?

A trigger point injection is normally used to treat decreased range of motion in your legs, low back pain, joint disorders, shoulder pain, neck pain, tension headaches and other methods of chronic pain. The most poignant advantage of a trigger point injection is the immediate release from the pain which has long-term lasting effects. For more information about trigger point injections in Riverhead, contact Total Medical Sports & Rehab by visiting their website.

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