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by | May 22, 2013 | Medicine

Opto Circuits is a US based subsidiary of Cardiac Sciences Corporation who is into manufacture of diagnostic cardiac monitoring devices and external automated AEDs. Their products are banded and sold by the name of Powerheart AEDs and are a renowned and trusted brand all over the US.

The business for home based cardiac defibrillating equipment was worth $35 billion in 2009 and rose by about 25% in 2010. The 2011 sales for these simple and easy to use life saving devices is supposed to scale even higher. In fact, Powerheart AEDs are so trusted and successful that their G3 Pro model is accepted by the US Air force for airworthiness. In flight, the pilot may need an emergency automatic defibrillation. Thus, Opto Circuits is now the most trusted name in the US cardiac equipment industry.

But why did the industry of home based AEDs reach such figures? Automatic external defibrillators were just invented a decade ago! What caused the rise of need for home defibrillators? The shocking answer is that Americans themselves made way for the need of such life saving equipment. Today, some States have made it mandatory for schools, colleges, offices, clubs, and any public place to have an emergency defibrillator at hand for emergencies.

This development happened because 40% of the American population is obese or overweight – the largest cause of heart attacks. Moreover, teenage obesity has tripled in the last decade; thus, many young people also lose their lives to senseless lifestyle diseases like diabetes and coronary complications. Sadly, the blame can only go to the patients for bad lifestyles and unhealthy diets.

Over a million and half cases of heart attack and Ventricular fibrillation are reported all over the US annually. Only 5-7% of the cases survive however, often patients dying en-route the hospital! Even with the latest equipment like Powerheart AEDs and artificial breathing systems immediate action on the spot of the attack is vital. A patient loses 10% survival chances every minute after an attack. This has given portable AEDs a big market in the US.

Powerheart AEDs do require some replacements on batteries and electrode pads from time to time. Visit AEDToday, they have an extensive range of equipment and accessories in a wide range of prices.


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