Understanding Laser Dentistry

by | Feb 15, 2019 | Dental Health

Technological advancements in dental equipment have introduced the use of lasers in dental work. These lasers have been found to be effective for treating tooth decay, gum disease, or even teeth whitening. They have many benefits over traditional dental techniques. Laser dentistry may be less painful, cause less anxiety in patients, and decrease bleeding and swelling during procedures. Due to these remarkable benefits, many people have found that choosing a family dentist that uses lasers during treatment procedures is the best choice for their families.

Lasers function by utilizing energy in the form of light. It has been found to be effective for both tooth and soft tissue procedures. It can be used to cut away tissue or decay or to make the bond between a filling and a tooth stronger. When it is used for treating gum disease, lasers work to destroy bacteria and to shape the gum tissue. Lasers have been found to be particularly effective for treating children that struggle with a restricted frenulum. This procedure is known as a laser frenectomy and can be use to help babies who have trouble nursing or children with speech problems due to a tight frenulum. Furthermore, it may also be used to make teeth whitening more effective by acting as a heat source.

One of the greatest benefits of Laser Dentistry Philadelphia is that when it is employed by a family dentist in Philadelphia it may cause less pain to patients. This in turn may decrease the need for anesthesia. In fact, in some situations, no anesthetic is required at all. Additionally, lasers negate the need to use drills for certain procedures which may help to ease the anxiety of patients that are nervous during dental work.

Lasers may also help to make dental procedures more effective. Lasers often cause less bleeding because the light helps to increase clotting of the blood vessels. It may also reduce the possibility of bacterial infections. This is a due to the fact that the light and heat works to sterilize the area. Furthermore, there is often less damage to sensitive tissue helping to increase the speed in which the area heals.

The advancements of laser technology for dental work have been very beneficial for many patients. While not every family dentist employs lasers in their practice yet, a great expansion in the use of this tool is expected. For patients who want the very best in precise, effective dental treatment, they may want to search now for a dentist in their area that utilizes laser dentistry.

Select a family dentist in Philadelphia that is already skilled and trained in the use of lasers for dental procedures. Enjoy the many benefits of laser dentistry by finding a family dentist in Philadelphia that offers this beneficial technology. Visit Absolute Smile for further details.

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