Understanding the Breast Lift Procedure

There’s tons of information out there about breast augmentation, but it seems breast lifts don’t get that same focus. A breast lift involves a surgeon removing excess skin and reshaping the breast tissue to raise the breasts. In some cases, a surgeon can provide a breast augmentation with a lift in Dallas. This is a fantastic option for anyone who is interested in the results of both procedures. Reasons to Consider a Breast Lift As women age, the breasts start to change. They lose both firmness and elasticity. This can be caused by some things, which we’ll outline below:
  • Gravity – As time goes on, gravity has an effect on the ligaments found in the breasts, which leads to sagging and stretching.
  • Pregnancy – While pregnant the ligaments supporting the breasts may stretch due to being heavier and fuller. Whether you breastfeed your child or not, this may lead to breasts that sag after your pregnancy.
  • Weight fluctuations – When your weight changes, this can result in the skin of the breasts losing elasticity and stretching.
Results of a Breast Lift When your surgeon does breast lift in Dallas, two things are done. The first is that sagging of the breast is reduced. Second is that the position of the areola and the nipples are moved to a raised position. In some cases, the size of the areola will be reduced to better match the new breast’s altered proportions. Common Reasons for a Lift There are multiple reasons that people choose a breast lift with their augmentation surgery. Here are some of the most common reasons:
  • One of the breasts appears to be lower than the other breast.
  • The areola and nipples are pointing downward, not outward.
  • Breasts are flatter and longer or have lost volume and shape, which leads to breasts that sag.
  • When the breasts aren’t supported, the nipples fall below the crease of the breast.
Other Considerations Not everyone is right for a breast lift procedure. You should delay the surgery if you plan to be pregnant at any point. Pregnancy can stretch the breasts and change the lift results. Breast feeding ca also be a problem as some women have trouble producing enough milk after a lift. If you are looking for a certified surgeon who has great work in Dallas, contact Cosmetic Surgery Associates of Texas for more information.

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