Understanding What Makes Defcon1 2nd Strike An Award Winning Supplement

Anyone who has used supplements as part of a plan to increase workout energy and provide mental support throughout the workout knows the issues with products that don’t live up to the hype.

Many serious bodybuilders and weightlifters have tried all the big names in pre-workout supplements and are still left with the feeling they really aren’t doing all they are marketed to offer. The reality is that they aren’t, and a lot of that has to do with how they are formulated.

Most of the pre-workout supplements include the same basic ingredients. However, they haven’t been carefully and clinically dosed to create the optimal concentrations that the body needs. Additionally, without this careful development of the product, there isn’t an enhanced or synergistic effect, leaving these products to fall flat of their advertising claims.

The Difference

One physical and mental energy booster that is a highly effective product and does what it promises is Defcon1 2nd Strike that is made by Platinum Labs. This product is one of the few supplements that actually lists all the ingredients with the amount per serving. This clear labeling and full disclosure of the amount of each ingredient allows serious bodybuilders and athletes to know just what they are taking and the amounts they are present in each scoop.

A few in the ingredients that Defcon1 2nd Strike offers are not found in the competitor’s products, or they are not listed as per their amount per serving. A quick comparison of those ingredients on competitor’s sites will show they are there but in lower amounts, some that are half or less of those found in the Platinum Labs product.

Combinations of Effects

Different ingredients and components of this powder supplement work on specific aspects of physical and mental energy levels. For example, choline bitartrate and L-Tyrosine work to focus your mental clarity and mood, boost alertness and help you to have the mental energy for even a demanding day in the gym.

For physical power Defcon1 2nd Strike uses creatine HCL, L-Taurine and agmatine sulfate to boost energy, help with lean muscle mass development and to help with fat burning during your workout.

Keep in mind these are only a handful of the twelve specialized ingredients found in this supplement. As a winner of the Arnold Classic  Australian supplement of the year and pre-workout of the year, it is no wonder this is one product that actually delivers on its promises to athletes of all levels.

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