Ways a Sedentary Job Can be a Contributor to Neck Pain

Many of us have sedentary jobs that require sitting at a desk for many hours a day. Unfortunately, this has taken a toll on our health, and neck pain is one of the more common symptoms of working in this kind of environment. Here are some of the ways a sedentary job can contribute to problems and the need for neck pain treatment in Jacksonville area.

  • Poor Posture
    This is one of the most important contributors to pain in the neck muscles. Letting your head slump down or constantly looking down can cause acute and chronic neck pain. Poor posture can cause a number of undesirable effects, including pinched nerves, herniated disks, and Degenerative Disk Disease.
  • Office Space
    The way your office is designed can also contribute to neck pain. Computer monitors that are placed too low or too high can result in muscle strain. Additionally, it’s important to have a chair that will support your posture without making you slouch or overextend your posture or reach.
  • Lack of Movement
    A 2014 study in Tampa, Florida showed that people who worked at a desk job and did no physical activity were more likely to develop neck problems after a year, compared with workers who did the same kind of work but did leisurely exercise. Physical activity is one of the most important steps in preventing neck pain. One of the best ways to prevent this kind of pain is through cervical extensor exercises.The Cervical Extensor muscles can be activated by pulling the shoulders back and down. This causes activation in the muscles in the back of the neck. Additionally, getting up every half-hour from your desk to walk around can be helpful.
  • Psychological Stress
    Although physical stress is a large contributor, mental factors can affect neck pain as well. By nature, work is a stressful part of most people’s lives, and many cite it as the number one most stressful factors. But many people don’t consider that stress can affect us physically as well as mentally.

Oftentimes when we feel emotional tension, this results in physical tension as well, often in the shoulders and neck. Even anatomically induced neck pain can have a phycological overlay. Adding the emotional stress on top of the physical stress of sitting at a desk all day can certainly exacerbate symptoms.

If you have neck pain at your sedentary job, take into account numerous factors. Think about your posture, workspace, exercise level and stress level. If the pain persists, seeking neck pain treatment from a professional is recommended.

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