What A Marriage Counseling Therapist In NYC Can Tell You About Improving Communication With your Spouse

by | Sep 15, 2015 | Health

Being and staying married is not easy. It requires commitment, hard work, and a lot of effort to counter the many challenges that couples face while they are married. After all, each individual in a marriage is different from their spouse and therefore will have their own ideas and thoughts. Yet, at the same time, they have to live life as one. Therefore, in order to make sure that harmony is maintained in a relationship, a marriage counseling therapist in NYC might tell you about the two most important things to remember. One is patience and the other is to add a little humor to life. These two points are discussed in detail below:

Having Patience
Communication is an integral part of marriage with which couples express their sentiments, dreams, goals, and frustrations to each other. In order to establish a healthy relationship, this line of communication needs to be open constantly, and once it is open, the chances of separation lessens. This is because connection is not lost. While arguments may occur, an open and honest communication can help in solving all potential problems.

However, with open communication, you also need to practice a lot of patience. Any marriage counseling therapist in NYC will normally tell you that issues in a marriage cannot be settled if you keep playing blame games or shout at each other every chance that you get. If you remain calm with one another and explain to each other how and why you are feeling the way you are feeling, then this could lead to a greater understanding and more love. Additionally, you should remember that if your partner is extremely mad, then you should always remain calm rather than getting emotional yourself.

Injecting Humor
While communicating, aside from being patient, you should also learn to be humorous. While this may not be easy, you can always learn to do so. Injecting humor into your daily hectic life can add a lot of happiness into your life and you as a couple will become even closer. There is no need to be so serious all the time. Laughing together will take your minds off hectic things and both of you will be in a good mood. Humor can also create a feeling of positivity within the both of you which can relieve all your tension.

In case your partner is the sensitive type, then you should be extra careful. After all, you would not want to make matters worse. In such instances, marriage counseling also encourages you to be sensitive to your partner’s personality.

Maintaining an open and honest communication is of extreme importance in a marriage and any marriage counseling therapist in NYC will vouch for that. This can help in saving your marriage since you will be able to talk about all the important issues with each other. Additionally, when communicating, you should learn to be patient and add a little humor every now and then.

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