What exactly is a naturopathic doctor?

by | May 15, 2013 | Healthcare

This is a tricky question since it has different meanings and connotations in different places. In the US, naturopathic doctors in Massachusetts has training equal to that of a medical doctor, he spends four years in med school after getting an undergrad degree. After med school, the naturopathic doctor will go on to get additional training and education in the use of various natural remedies which can be used alongside traditional western medicine. The titles can be NDs or NMDs; they have at their fingertips a wide variety of created remedies and natural remedies for the treatment of illness and disease.

Many patients are keen on receiving treatment and care from a licensed naturopathic doctor. Many of the drugs that are in common use are derived from natural materials and sources. A good example is lithium, lithium is a mineral and it is the compound recommended for the treatment of bi-polar disorder. Another good example is salicylates, the main component in aspirin, this natural material is found in the bark of the willow tree. Even if a naturally occurring substance has not been chemically reproduced or patented does not mean that it does not have beneficial qualities.

As alternative treatments, naturopathic doctors Massachusetts area may include traditional Chinese medicine, herbology and homeopathy; they may also include the patient’s diet, overall health and lifestyle when considering the patients impaired health. When all of these combinations of care work, wonderful, that is what the naturopathic doctor is looking for; however, it is not the only resource which is available to him.

Because naturopathic doctors are also trained and skilled in traditional medicine, they can switch over or combine them as needed. This is a valuable skill and it is what addresses the concerns that many people have when they consider using a practitioner who only practices neuropathic medicine. As there are more treatment options available, the skilled naturopathic doctor can migrate between the traditional form of medicine and the non-traditional to completely address all health issues.

Naturopathic doctors can be found in a number of settings, they can be in private practice or they may work in a practice where there are a number of doctors who practice traditional medicine exclusively and he may be called upon to offer a non-traditional alternative.

The naturopathic doctors in Massachusetts who are associated with Health Naturally embrace the healing powers of nature coupled with a balanced holistic lifestyle of body, mind and spirit.

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