What Happens During Audiology Testing in Fort Myers?

by | Nov 14, 2013 | Health

Your ability to hear is extremely important for your health and well being. When issues arise with your hearing, it is important for you to be checked. Even mild hearing loss can cause issues with your life. Having to turn the television and the radio up louder than normal and asking friends and family to repeat what they are saying because you could not hear can be stressful. If you are finding it difficult to hear sounds you once had no trouble with, it is important for you to see an audiologist and have your hearing checked. Through audiology in Fort Myers testing, you can find the cause of your hearing issues so they can be treated.

The Five Parts of An Audiology Exam

Patient history — The audiologist will first talk with you about your hearing issues and the health of your ears. He or she will need to know if there is a family history of hearing problems as well as any health conditions you may have. This will help the Audiology in Fort Myers examination to be more productive.

Physical exam — The first part of the examination and testing process will be a physical exam of the ear. This will examine the inner parts of the ear to make sure there are no obstructions or other issues that could be causing hearing loss.

Hearing test — The hearing test will send different levels of sound through your ears so the audiologist can test how well you are hearing these sounds and if there are any indicators of hearing loss.

Speech recognition — This portion of the examination is to measure how well you are able to hear different levels of speech. The results of this test, coupled with the other parts, can assist the audiologist in understanding your hearing issues.

Treatment — Once your testing and examination are complete, the doctor will discuss the findings with you and offer information on treatment options. This is a great time for you to ask questions so you can understand your choices.

If you are having difficulty hearing like you once did, contact Dr. Mark Montgomery and have your hearing tested. This will help you to understand any issues you may have and give you the treatment you need for better hearing.


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