What is a Mid Facelift?

A facelift is a widely popular procedure especially for those who want to erase the signs of aging. Instead of having a full facelift procedure, you can have the mid facelift which is suitable for those who have a relatively better skin condition. The midface is that part of your face from bicanthral to the oral commissure. This is also part of the skin where signs of aging start to manifest. As people age, the skin starts to lose its volume and it starts to sag.

Is mid facelift different from other facelift procedures? This is the same with other facelift procedures. The only difference is that it targets a certain area on your face and in particular the mid-portion of your face. By having a mid facelift, you can enjoy different benefits as it can significantly improve and restore the quality of your skin. It is designed to get rid of the different signs of aging.

What Can You Expect From the Procedure?

In having mid facelift procedure, you will have to undergo general anesthesia. The whole process takes about 1 hour to finish and you don’t have to stay in the hospital for days after the procedure. After 6 months, you can already see the results for yourself. You only need about 10 to 14 days of recovery.

Who Can Have This Procedure?

Everyone who feels that their skin is starting to sag and want to resolve the problem can have a mid facelift surgery. By having this procedure, your doctor can bring back the lost elasticity of the skin. Contrary to what most would believe, this treatment is not just for older patients. Even younger patients are trying the procedure because they want to maintain their youthful look. If you are considering having a midface lift surgery, it is strongly recommended that you consult your surgeon first to know if you are suitable for such procedure. Your doctor knows what is best based on the needs and other information you provide.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of a midface lift procedure varies depending on the skills of the surgeon, location, and other factors. You can expect about $4,000 to $10,000. The average cost of such procedure is about $7,000. This cost already includes the facility fee, surgeon’s fees, and anesthesiologist fee. But just to be sure, it helps that you consult your surgeon and ask if the cost being quoted to you already includes everything or if there are still other fees that you have to pay. For more information visit at Mylooksurgery.com. You can also follow them on Instagram for more updates.

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