What is a Mommy Makeover?

During pregnancy a woman’s body goes through a number of changes and once the baby has been born the new mother may wish to have her body reshaped. There are a number of cosmetic procedures that are often done when the patient wants a complete mommy makeover in Chicago. These procedures are designed to remove stubborn fat deposits and excess skin as well as restore breasts which often lose volume after pregnancy. A mommy makeover in Chicago is really a series of treatment that will return the new mother to her pre pregnancy shape and appearance.

After giving birth there are often stubborn fat deposits that reside in the hips, waist and thighs. For situations like this the surgeon will recommend liposuction, a procedure that removes these unwanted deposits from under the skin. Liposuction is not a procedure that is designed for weight reduction, you must get yourself as close as possible to your ideal weight through diet and exercise as possible; liposuction will just smooth and contour the tough spots.

Of course, during pregnancy the skin on the abdomen stretches considerably and after birth this skin can hang in a fold. Not only is there an excess of skin, the abdominal muscles have been subjected to heavy strain and can easily be separated from the abdominal wall. These issues can be corrected with a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck can be affected by abnormal weight gains so this is a course of action that is best performed on a woman who does not plan on having any more children. A tummy tuck is done by incising just above the pubic bone, folding the skin back, repairing the damaged muscles and then removing excess skin and fat before closing the incision. If the woman has had a previous C-section the incision can be in the same scar.

During pregnancy a woman’s breasts enlarge as they are gorged with milk. When breast feeding ceases and the breast and the breast volume decreases, the breasts often sag. Breast augmentation is the solution, implants; either saline filled or silicone filled is inserted under the breast, returning it to its former size and position. In the event the woman should have another child, a breast implant does not stop her from breast feeding the new baby.

A mommy makeover in Chicago can help a new mother regain her looks and self esteem, pregnancies are hard on a woman’s body but medical science can help. Visit Liposuction & Cosmetic Surgery Institute online for more details.

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