What is universal health care?

by | Jun 21, 2013 | Health

Universal health care is a term that implies that there is a system, run by the government, that ensures that all citizens and residents has access to basic health care in Harrisburg PA. The way that payment is made and the methods that doctors use to practice vary depending on the jurisdiction.

Universal health care first appeared in the 1880s in Germany, it was just one of many reforms made in the system by von Bismarck. This system had the employees and the employers paying into a centralized system that was administered by health bureaus in different parts of the country. Today, every modern industrialized nation on earth offers some sort of universal health care to the citizens of the country.

The NHS, National Health Service in the United Kingdom is one of the most socialized; it came into being after the Second World War. The entire system is paid via tax revenue, the patients never have to pay into a fund nor do they have to pay anything directly to the medical provider. Everything applicable to medical care is covered; prescription drugs, inpatient and outpatient care, meals, lodging and medical apparatus. In the 70s and 80s the NHS was being severely criticized for the poor service and long waiting times for care, however the government analyzed the situation and today the NHS, through additional funding, is on par with health care in the rest of Europe.

Rarely do you find a system like the NHS where any and all health care is paid for through taxes and there is no cost whatsoever to the patient, however there are systems of health care plans in Harrisburg PA where there is mandatory health care but it is paid for by insurance, the insurance rates are low and are subsidized, but, everyone is expected to be a participant in the system. This flat fee arrangement helps reduce the burden on the tax system and in some jurisdictions the insurance, although subsidized, is paid for by the employer, not the individual.

Universal health care is coming under attack in many nations which are seeing rapidly aging populations where a high and unsustainable burden is being placed on the government and the tax system and increased outsourcing and privatization has led to efforts to dismantle public health systems. If you are looking out for a plan that works for the business and the employees visit us the team at work can help you get lower rates.

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