What Is Voluma In Chicago And Its Benefits?

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Surgery

Many adults find that facial aging is one of the most aggravating parts of getting older. In some cases, it may start prematurely so that you look older than you are. The loss of volume in the face can be fixed a variety of ways, including non-surgically. If you have decided that a facelift isn’t for you, you’ve still got choices. Voluma in Chicago, as well as other dermal fillers, are approved by the FDA and will add volume to your cheeks. It is used in over 72 countries and is made of hyaluronic acid and lidocaine for comfort.

Unlike Others

While you’ll find a variety of dermal fillers available to you, Voluma in Chicago is much different. It not only fills the face but can reverse aging and provide a slight lift to the face, as well. You may look up to five years longer, and it lasts longer than other products on the market.

Perfect For Men

While most cosmetic procedures target middle-aged women, almost any procedure can be done on men, as well. You can go in for an appointment on Thursday or Friday and go back to work Monday without no one knowing you had a cosmetic procedure. They may notice something different in your features, but won’t know what. It is a healthy thing to do and may help you look younger, have more job security, and more.

Who Should Have It?

Suitable candidates for such a dermal filler include anyone with volume loss to the face, as well as those with naturally poorly defined cheekbones. You should be in relatively good health and have realistic expectations of the procedure.

Voluma in Chicago is an excellent injectable filler for those who want more volume in the midface. Visit The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery to learn more today.

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