What Kind of Services Does A Sports Medicine Physician in Birmingham, AL, Provide?

Residents in the Birmingham area can expect a variety of services from a sports medicine physician, who will diagnose and treat injuries caused by exercise or athletic competitions. The doctor also provides urgent care for injuries that can’t wait for normal business hours.

What Can A Patient Expect?

In most cases, a sports medicine physician in Birmingham, AL, will start with conservative and non-invasive treatments like braces or ice. If those don’t work, the doctor may recommend surgery.

What Is RICE?

RICE is a type of self-care that athletes should follow immediately after hurting themselves. The letters stand for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. The patient should use the injured joint for as little as possible for at least the next two or three days. During that time, they should apply ice to the treatment site at least three times a day for 10 to 20 minutes at a time.

Like ice, compression reduces swelling. The athlete should thus wrap something like an Ace bandage around the injured area. They should also keep the injured area elevated above their heart when they are sitting or lying down.

When Should Somebody Call A Doctor?

The patient should call the doctor if their injury hasn’t improved after three days of RICE or other home care.

The athlete should call the doctor immediately if the joint is numb or visibly deformed or if they can’t put any weight on it or otherwise use it. They should also call the doctor if they have injured the same joint before or if they are in severe pain.

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