What to Expect from a Botox Face Treatment in Los Angeles

by | Jan 22, 2015 | Healthcare

Since 2002, FDA-approved Botox injection treatments have helped millions of men and women feel better about themselves and how they look. From frown lines to crow’s feet, Botox treatments work to relax the muscles and temporarily reduce the look of lines and wrinkles, freeing you to look and feel younger. Wrinkles come from many sources, including collagen depletion, normal muscle activity like frowning and squinting, and damage from free radicals. You do not have to live with wrinkles and lines on your face. Treatment options like Botox are widely used and scientifically proven to produce results.

What to Expect

Botox treatment is typically used on each side of the patient’s forehead and on either side of the eye area. More extensive injections will depend on the effect you desire and the skill level of your physician. Botox is administered via an injection. The typical Botox face treatment at MetroMD Los Angeles takes several minutes and the pain is usually minimal. Recovery time is brief. Most adults will see results in a few days. Risks are very low and results from the treatment can last up to several months, depending on the type of wrinkles treated. When you choose the treatment option of Botox for the face in Los Angeles, you can trust the procedure to be convenient, safe, and easy.

Is Botox Safe?

Clinical studies have shown Botox treatment to be safe and effective, and adult patients receiving the treatment had greater improvement in wrinkle appearance than those patients who did not (www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/PressAnnouncements/ucm367662.htm). By working underneath the surface of the skinto relax the facial muscles, patients can expect wrinkles to appear less prominent. If your desire is to feel better about your appearance, to feel young, healthy, and confident again, Botox for the face in Los Angeles could be your solution. No one wants to feel older than their age. Feel young again with this revolutionary treatment.

Next Steps

It is important to do your own research on facial Botox treatment, to seek out the care of a board-certified and experienced medical doctor, and to be aware of your allergies, current health conditions, and current medications before talking to your doctor. You should feel free to ask questions and expect honest answers from your doctor. The qualified medical professionals of MetroMD Institute offer their patients effective Botox treatments for the face in order to help them lead a fuller life and to enable them to feel their very best. As specialists in regenerative medicine, their team is leading the way in cosmetic therapy by offering the latest technology and the highest quality care. You have solutions when it comes to your appearance. Taking care of yourself today will make for a better you tomorrow.

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