What To Look For In A Couples Counseling Therapist In New York City

by | Jan 22, 2015 | Healthcare

Making the decision to go to a couples counseling therapist in New York City is a very positive step in any relationship. We have couples come to us at all stages of their life together from pre-marital counseling to get a strong foundation on communication, expectations and the reality of living together to those that have been married for twenty or more years that are struggling to get back to the intimacy and emotional closeness that has slipped away over the years.

Getting Comfortable with your New York Marriage Counseling Therapist

When people first come into see our New York marriage counseling therapists our first goal is to make you comfortable and to answer any questions that you may have about the process. We want you to understand that at our website we are here to work with you, not to tell you how your relationship should look or how you should act within your marriage.

Our sessions are very client centered and we work to help you with what you want to achieve. Often both people in the relationship are struggling with different challenges and these may require different types of practices, counseling and therapeutic techniques and even different exercises and role plays within the session.

Mutual Goals

Throughout the sessions you will work with your marriage counseling therapist to develop mutual goals to improve your relationship. While every couple that we work with is different the most common issues that our clients want to work on with their couples counseling therapists in NYC include improving communication, better conflict resolution skills and improving intimacy.

In many most situations improved intimacy on both an emotional and physical level naturally comes from decreased conflict and more effective communication. With this may also come discussions on finances, trust and respect, roles and expectations and even on setting personal boundaries. To see more about what our couples come to us for you can visit us online at website.

Our couples counseling therapist in New York City is very personalized to each couple. It involves getting to the deep underlying issues that allow you to connect, rekindle the relationship and learn valuable skills that you can use immediately after the session. With this positive look at reality, and what is possible, our clients really can and do change in their relationships, becoming more emotionally available for each other and better partners moving forward.


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