What You Need To Know About Dry Eyes

by | Apr 12, 2013 | Health

It is important to keep your eyes well moisturized in order to maintain comfortable eyesight and great vision. Most people will have glands that will secrete tears in order to keep the eyes lubricated and functioning well. When you suffer from dry eye in Bonita Springs Florida it can be painful, annoying, and harm your vision and it is important to take care of the problem right away. There are some important things to understand about dry eye in Bonita Springs, Florida in order to properly treat the symptoms and regain back your eyesight. These things include the different types of dry eye, how to identify dry eye, ways of preventing dry eye, and other things to keep in mind concerning dry eye.

Types of Dry Eye
There are a variety of different types of dry eye that you may be suffering from. There are cases where an imbalance found in the tear duct system of your eyes will result in drying out of your eyes. You need these tears in order to lubricate your eyes and it can become irritating and itchy if there are no tears to perform this function. Menopause and other age related medical conditions can cause you to experience try eyes also and you might need to consider medication to fix the problem. Certain diseases, medication, and contact lenses can all cause forms of dry eye.

Identifying Dry Eye
It is pretty simple to understand how to identify dry eye in Bonita Springs. Those who have it may experiences blurry vision, pain, light sensitivity, blurry vision, redness, itching, and some other side effects of not producing enough tears for their eyes. There are also outside causes that may induce dry eye including air conditioning, debris, and dust that get into the eye.

Preventing Dry Eye
There are a few preventative measures that may be taken to help take care of dry eye including drinking extra water, wearing sunglasses, using eye drops, stopping the medication which may be causing the dry eye, and changing contact brands. It is important to discuss options with your doctor to ensure that the proper treatment is being used in treating your dry eye.

Things to Keep in Mind
There are serious consequences to not immediately treating your dry eye. Dry eye can be treated pretty easily in most cases, and if caught right away you will be able to follow the recommendations of your doctor in order to prevent worse complications in terms of eye vision and other problems. If you wait to fix your dry eye you can suffer from further complications including vision problems, corneal perforation, corneal scarring, and many other problems with your eyes.

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