What’s in It for the Nurses Working for Staffing Agencies in Anthem?

While there are obvious advantages for healthcare facilities that will use a third-party medical staffing agency in Arizona, individual nurses also benefit. This may be important for nurses looking for new opportunities that staffing services providers may be a concern for a healthcare facility’s hiring manager who wants to ensure they’re getting qualified professionals. Here are a few of the perks of working for a medical staffing agency.

Enjoy a Higher Rate of Pay

While healthcare facilities do pay less in outsourcing to staffing agencies than they would directly pay an employee, that’s not to indicate the agencies pay nurses poor salaries. In fact, many staffing services offer very competitive rates and benefits so they can entice the best candidates to work for them.

Work a More Flexible Schedule

Many nurses are single parents or have other obligations that can limit their work availability. While working directly for a healthcare facility may require them to work more traditional shifts, a staffing agency can offer greater flexibility. They may be able to work a mix of shifts or use split-shift scheduling to help them work full-time.

Get Access to New Opportunities

Whether a nurse would like to relocate to a new city or work in a different type of environment, a medical staffing agency in Arizona can provide them with those options. This can be an excellent way to start in a new department or practice a different type of nursing, such as transitioning from patient care to research.

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