When You Should See a Doctor Who Practices Audiology in Fort Myers, FL

If you are having ringing in your ears, constant earaches, stuffiness in the ears that is not related to a cold or flu, you may want to have them check by a hearing specialist. You may want to go to an audiologist. A doctor who practices audiology in Fort Myers, FL intimates there are several signs that you may actually need to have your hearing tested.

If you find that people seem to be mumbling or speaking in softer voices, a long conversation makes you irritable, you are constantly asking people to repeat themselves, you have difficulty pinpointing from where a noise is coming, or you need to constantly turn up the sound on your tv, radio or other electronic device, an audiologist will be the one you need to visit. The audiologist examines, diagnoses, provides treatment, and manages hearing loss and balance disorders. Most of the hearing losses experienced by people cannot be treated with medicines or through surgical means, but an audiologist will use hearing rehabilitation, counseling, training, education, and hearing devices. If necessary, the audiologist will refer the patient to a doctor (such as for ear drainage, ear pain or the sudden loss of hearing).

A person who is suffering from tinnitus can take comfort that 10% of the population are experiencing the same problem. Often, sufferers are advised to “just deal with it,” and are not offered any kind of treatment. The good news is that you do not have to live with the bothersome ringing in your ears; there is sound therapy solutions that will bring relief to you. Dr. Mark Montgomery is an audiologist who leads a team of other ear specialists and offers such solutions. The medical solution he offers in sound therapy is called Serenade. More information on this product can be found on the website, Drmarkmontgomery.com. Dr. Montgomery’s team also provides asthma management, and allergy testing and treatment, in addition to hearing care. Whether you have problems with ear disorders or hearing loss, nasal issues such as post nasal drip or sinus pressure, irritation to the throat, or allergy symptoms, Dr. Mark Montgomery and his services can assist you. Visit their website.




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