Who is most likely to opt for Breast Implants?

by | Jan 15, 2014 | Health

New York Breast Implants are more common then you might think. In fact, the reasons women are seeking breast implants may not be for the reasons you expect. Women of all ages, body sizes and backgrounds opt for breast implants based on their particular needs.

There is an actual condition known as micromastia that causes some women to never develop breasts. This is not a case of small breasts, but is in fact a completely flat chest like that of a young boy. This can be a devastating realization for women who discover by the age of 18 or 20 that they are incapable of growing breasts. This can deeply affect a women’s self image as well as their comfort with participating in a healthy sex life and pursuing serious relationships. This is a common reason many women might consider breast implants in New York.

Asymmetrical Breasts
It might be hard to imagine, but much like someone can have one leg shorter than the other, they can also have one breast smaller than the other. This can be noticeable in many cases, and cause challenges for simple things such as purchasing a bra. It is also the source of embarrassment for most women and can make it difficult when forced to change for gym class or swimming lessons in public change rooms. Asymmetrical breasts are a popular reason for women to seek breast implants.

Many women see an extreme change in breast size during their maternal years when they give birth and are breast feeding. Unfortunately once the breast feeding and birthing ends they can often see a return to their original breast size which can literally leave them with completely deflated breasts with loose and unattractive sagging skin. New York breast implants can greatly improve the appearance of breasts bringing them back to a shapelier look that is far more comfortable with which to live.

Small Size
Of course there are also women who feel their breast size is too small. It is a very personal preference and some women will opt for just a slight change in breast size whereas others may go to the extreme. Because it is all about body image the breast implants New York women opt for is a very personal decision made with her surgeon.

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