Why Adult Day Care is the Best Option for Alzheimer’s

Caring for a loved one who has Alzheimer’s Disease is challenging even at the best of times. Finding trustworthy healthcare professionals adds to the stress of caregiving, which is why it is critical to locate services that are delivered by professionals who use a wide range of treatment options and interventions tailored to the needs of each individual. Alzheimer’s care involves a multifaceted, multidisciplinary approach in which the physical, emotional, social, and psychological needs of the client are all equally as important. Diverse approaches to treatment, with cutting edge services and technologies, can take the worry out of caregiving. Adult day care is a superior option for many families because it offers opportunities for various therapies like speech and language or occupational therapies, psychological counseling and social work, physical therapy and medication intervention, and also activities that can help stimulate the mind and alleviate mood disorders like depression. Seniors with Alzheimer’s often need additional dietary assistance, which can also be provided for at the adult day care center.

In New Jersey, and especially in the Bergen County area, there is no better adult day care than Sunshine Adult Day Care. Sunshine Adult Day Care is part of a family of day care facilities and treatment centers for seniors with dementia and other memory-related disorders. Family members who want the best for their loved ones need look no further than Sunshine Adult Day Care, because the peace of mind the center provides is priceless. Caregivers can continue working and taking care of their daily needs, while also caring for their loved ones in the evenings under the careful professional guidance of the health care staff at Sunshine. The balance between independent home-based living and the provision of professional health care interventions and services at the center makes adult day care one of the best options for Alzheimer’s care.

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