Why Most Car Accident Injury Clinic Patients Have Been Hurt Close to Home

Most car accidents happen within 10 miles of home. There are several reasons for this phenomenon. If you have recently been in a vehicle collision close to home, you might seek treatment at a car accident injury clinic in Ocala.

Relevant Statistics

Data from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration show that 69 percent of car collisions occur within 10 miles of home. More than half happen within 5 miles of home.


A few distinct reasons account for so many accidents happening near one’s residence. Partly, it’s because this is where people spend most of their time driving, but other reasons explain these statistics as well.

Drivers are inclined to be less attentive and watchful in such familiar surroundings. They drive on auto-pilot while traveling the same streets every day. They may ignore basic safety measures, such as wearing seat belts. What could go wrong on a short trip to the convenience store?

Accident Severity

Fortunately, most of these incidents are not serious because they do not involve highway driving and high speeds. Nevertheless, the people involved may need treatment at a car accident injury clinic in Ocala.

Some types of collisions are more likely to cause an injury that requires a medical care provider. For example, when one vehicle hits another broadside while running a red light, the risk of injury is high. Rear-end collisions commonly cause a form of neck pain known as whiplash. A medical clinic that specializes in treating car accident victims is an excellent choice for these patients.

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