Work Injury Treatment in Palm Beach Gardens Must be Provided Immediately

by | Nov 13, 2013 | Healthcare

Urgent care walk-in clinics fill an important role in our healthcare system. Hospital emergency rooms are often so crowded than someone must wait hours before being seen by a physician. Doctor’s schedules are often to full that a patient has to wait weeks, or even months, for an appointment. For many people, the only way to see a doctor ‘today’ is by going to an urgent care clinic like Family Medical & Urgent Care.

Work-related injuries are more common than might be expected. The first and most important thing to do is to seek immediate medical treatment. This is critical for several reasons.

Any accidental injury needs to be seen by a physician as quickly as possible. Head injuries, for example, may not appear very serious, but this cannot be determined by a layman. If there is bleeding, it must be stopped and properly treated. The most common workplace accident is someone slipping or falling. Serious injuries can result from a fall, especially for the elderly. Back and neck injuries may not be immediately apparent. The quickest place to receive treatment is often a local urgent care clinic. This also allows the patient to receive follow-up care from the physician who originally treated the injury.

Overexertion is the second most common workplace injury. This usually involves someone being injured while they were lifting, throwing or pulling something. People may postpone seeking treatment when this happens, thinking it will be fine tomorrow. To provide proof later that the injury happened at work, a doctor must be seen as soon as possible after the injury. Long-term treatment for a work-related injury can later be denied if the injured person did not see a doctor immediately after the accident. It’s important to have all the paperwork that you may later need.

Anyone needing Work Injury Treatment in Palm Beach Gardens, FL will be promptly treated by Family Medical and Urgent Care. Dr. Nader Daryaee has been practising medicine since 1991. He completed his residency in the Family Medicine department of the University of Buffalo and practised at the University Medical Health Center. Currently, Dr. Daryaee is a member of the staff at JFK Medical Center, Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center and Jupiter Medical Center. He has considerable emergency care experience. His clinic routinely treats patients with a wide range of medical problems, including accidental injuries.


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