Benefits of Undergoing Scalp Pigmentation for Women in the Dallas Region

Although typically thought of as a male problem, hair loss occurs in up to 40% of the female population. In some of these cases, the cause is an underlying nutritional deficit like lacking certain vitamins and minerals that tend to be needed for healthy hair and nail growth.

Reasons Why Some Women Experience Hair Loss & Treatment Options

Other women experience hair loss as a result of chemotherapy treatments for cancer. Some women undergo hair transplant procedures if the hair loss of marked enough. There are some real benefits of undergoing scalp pigmentation for women in the Dallas region. This is a simple non-surgical hair loss solution that is designed to fill in balding or thinning hair patches over the scalp or on the eyebrows. Basically, the doctor skillfully adds pigmentation dots to color in patchy bald scalp areas hiding the area under simple color dots.

Can Scalp or Eyebrow Pigmentation Match Current Hair Color?

Yes, women who want a simple method to hide small thinning hair areas, either on the scalp or on their eyebrows, can have the microdots of scalp pigmentation women from Dallas are currently raving about custom shaded to match their current hair color for natural results.

What Women from Dallas Are Saying About Scalp Pigmentation

Women living in the Dallas, Texas area have wonderful things to say about getting scalp pigmentation treatments that gracefully redefines their thinning hair spots naturally. Contact YAKER Hair Restoration + Med Spa (Joseph R. Yaker, MD) online anytime.

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