Common Issues Bringing Couples To Marriage Counseling In New York City

by | Mar 3, 2015 | Health

every couple is unique and different from other couples when there are disagreements, fights and arguments the topics or issues of those conflicts are often very similar. Professionals offering marriage counseling in New York City hear these common issues frequently with couples that are considering separation or divorce.

Often by coming to marriage counseling in New York City the counselor, through carefully selected exercises, discussions and skill building sessions, can help the couple to work through the source of the conflict. At the same time the therapists or counselor is also helping the couple to build a competency in conflict resolution that they can use for the rest of their lives.

Affairs and Betrayals

An affair by one or both people in the relationship can create an overwhelming sense of embarrassment, humiliation, betrayal, distrust and loss. Affairs are perhaps the most common reasons that couples come to marriage counseling in New York City.

In these cases the therapist will work with the couple to uncover the underlying issues, which may have been present years before the affair actually occurred, and to help the couple learn to trust each other again.

Unresolved Issues

Sometimes it is not one specific reason that a couple comes into marriage counseling in New York City but rather a lifetime together of issues that have never really been resolved.

When this is the case one or both people in the marriage often bring up past arguments, past disagreements and past poor decisions in a seemingly endless loop. This prevents the couple from going forward and actually working out any problems until marriage counseling allows that process to occur.

Communication Problems

Most relationship breakdowns start with a breakdown in communication. This often starts with just not talking about problems with the other person or one person not listening to what the partner has to say about concerns, passions or dreams. Over time this lack of communication leads to a lack of feeling valued, a lack of intimacy and soon a real feeling that the relationship is over.

Regardless of why people choose to attend marriage counseling in New York City just making the choice is an important decision to move forward. Your counselor will help you to overcome your issues and develop a stronger relationship as a couple.

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