Common Misconceptions That People Have About Substance Abuse

by | Aug 23, 2019 | Health

Substance abuse in Minneapolis can lead to serious health problems. It can also cause family and legal issues. However, only 10 percent of people who have a problem with substance abuse get the help that they need. The myths about substance abuse is what stops a lot of people from getting the help that they need.

Myth: Substance Abuse and Addiction Are the Same Thing

Fact: A person is abusing a substance when they are using it in a dangerous and unhealthy way. When someone is addicted to a substance, they have a physical, chemical, and psychological dependence on the drug. Substance abuse and addiction are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing.

It is possible for someone to abuse a substance without being addicted to it. However, habitual substance abuse greatly increases the risk of an addiction.

Myth: Substance Abuse and Substance Misuse Are Not the Same Thing

Fact: There is not any difference between substance abuse and substance misuse. However, some healthcare providers and specialists prefer not to use the term substance abuse. There is shame associated with the term “abuse”, which may stop many people from getting the treatment that they need.

Myth: Substance Abuse Means That Someone Is Immoral and Weak

Fact: Many people who abuse substances only intend to use them one time. Substance abuse does not mean that someone is weak and immoral. It simply means that one made a poor decision.

Myth: Mild Substance Does Not Need to Be Treated

Fact: A person does not have to be experiencing a crisis in order to get treated. In fact, if a person gets treatment early, then it can prevent them from hitting rock bottom.

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