End Your Suffering Through Urinary Tract Infection Treatment in Jackson MI

by | Oct 12, 2015 | Healthcare

The chances of a woman getting a UTI (urinary tract infection) are much higher than a man. Most women will suffer from at least one UTI in their lifetime and may have multiple bouts of infection. Unfortunately, it is fairly easy for a woman to get a urinary tract infection. With the urethra being located so close to the rear, bacteria can easily find its way inside the bladder and wreak havoc. Through this information, women can learn what symptoms they should look for and what they can expect from Urinary Tract Infection Treatment in Jackson MI.

The symptoms of a UTI include:

     *     The need to go to the bathroom more often

     *     Burning during urination

     *     Pain and pressure in the lower center of the abdomen

     *     Cloudy or foul-smelling urine

     *     Blood in the urine

     *     Difficulty passing urine

     *     Fever and chills

A woman who is experiencing any of these symptoms needs to see her doctor for a urine test. The woman will simply need to give a sample of urine in a cup and then the urine will be tested for bacteria, white cells, and blood. Based on the results of the urine test, the doctor will make a determination on what type of treatment will be most beneficial.

The doctor will give a patient a prescription for an antibiotic to kill the bacteria in the bladder and urinary tract. To help with the pain, there is a medication that relaxes the urinary muscles and stops the feeling of constantly needing to urinate. After a couple of days on the medication, most women begin to recover from their symptoms though it is crucial they continue taking their antibiotic until it is completely gone.

It is important women see their doctor as soon as they begin to notice symptoms as the condition can become much worse and can even lead to infection in the kidneys. If you are a woman who is in need of Urinary Tract Infection Treatment in Jackson MI, contact Women First Health Services so they can treat your condition and help you find relief. Call them today and ask them to schedule you an appointment.

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