Finding a Reputable Rehab Center in Cape Town

by | Sep 23, 2015 | Healthcare

If you or someone you love are in need of rehabilitation treatment due to a substance, gambling, or other problem with addiction, it may be quite challenging. The good news, you and/or your loved one, have taken a step in the right direction on the path towards healing. Searching for rehab centers in Cape Town, as well as other cities in South Africa, may seem impossible. While there are several rehab centers in Cape Town most of them are not fully-licensed nor are they fully experienced to handle various types of addiction treatments.

Different Treatment Options
There are all different types of addiction and many rehab centers focus on only one type of addiction. There are treatment centers available for alcohol, substance abuse, gambling, and even sex addiction, but very few of these are housed in one location. The Harmony Addictions Clinic is located in Cape Town, South Africa and is also serving Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Centurion. This non-profit center specializes in the treatment of all of these types of addiction and then some. They are the only fully licensed continuum of Care in South Africa which makes them fully prepared to take on any challenge with ease.

They make themselves 24/7 available which means they are always there to ensure high-quality addiction therapy services as well as to focus on the overall health of their patients. Being one of the best rehab centers in Cape Town, they encourage family involvement and want to guide their patients on a path to success.

The Best Option in Cape Town
The team at the Harmony Addictions Clinic has highly-qualified social workers and therapists of all types that are able to assist with any type of addiction from heroin to gambling. All addictions and patients are treated as equals and are provided with a personalized treatment plan that is customized around their personal recovery needs.

The road to recovery is never an easy one. But the professionals at the Harmony Group make that road a little less bumpy and a lot more hopeful. Regardless of the type of addiction you or someone that you love is currently facing, you have taken the right step by getting them the help that they need to move forward with their lives and start a brand new journey. Success is just a few giant steps away at the best addiction treatment center in Cape Town. Get more information here.

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