How Cold Laser Is Helping People in Lancaster, CA Manage Pain

Cold laser treatment in Lancaster, CA is a revolutionary medical treatment that uses low-level lasers. This is a pharmaceutical-free therapy to help stimulate damaged tissues. The purpose is to reduce inflammation while quickening the healing of damaged tissues.

The healing and relief patients get from cold laser treatment in Lancaster, CA is due to a combination of mechanisms. First, it triggers the body’s natural healing process, stimulates mitochondria that encourage the body to regenerate, and encourages cells to repair. Cold laser can penetrate up to 4 inches into tissue and promote healing at the source of the damage or injury.

The laser light reduces swelling, which leads to improved joint mobility. This treatment activates the lymphatic drainage system, helping the body to remove fluid from the swollen area and reduce inflammation.

Cold laser therapy may accelerate wound healing by minimizing the formation of scars caused by burns, cuts, surgery, and stitches. The treatment has been shown to promote the reabsorption of fibrotic tissue, leading to increased healing.

Some arthritis sufferers have used this treatment to find relief from their pain. In addition to improving joint mobility, this therapy may improve immune cell efficiency.

Cold laser therapy has also been used to help individuals battling weight loss and addiction rehabilitation. Combined with behavior modification and counseling, it has led to a higher success rate.

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